Selecting a Good Pair of Noise Canceling Headphones

I recently had to work in a noisy industrial environment for long durations. The room where the servers and engineering stations were located had continuous noise from site rotating equipment. I had been thinking about getting some high-quality noise canceling headphone for a while and this was all the excuse that I needed. The other … Read more

Project Tracking with Revision Control

The Plan: I wanted an easy way of keeping track of all project changes and meeting notes. I use orgmode files in Emacs to keep track of personal and professional projects. Each project has its own org file. I modify these files as new information is added over time and outdated information is removed. I … Read more

Emacs Ergonomics: Using Caps and Enter as Ctrls

I started using Emacs mainly for the ability to write, edit, and do everything else related to text without using the mouse. The idea was to reduce the cognitive and physical overhead involved in moving the hand away from the keyboard for every little thing. Additionally, Emacs is open source and can be extensively customized … Read more

Finding the Best Method for Taking Notes

From time to time I find myself looking up or trying to figure out technical stuff that I’ve already done in the past. Sometimes it’s on some personal project and sometimes something work related. I always end up wishing that I had made notes the last time around. I’ve attempted to keep notes from time … Read more

GoodReads Decimal Ratings in Calibre

I use Calibre for managing my ebooks that I’ve accumulated over time. I thought it would be great to have ratings from directly visible in Calibre. It would help me decide what to read next. I specifically wanted ratings from GoodReads as I trust them more than the ratings from Amazon. I took a … Read more

Setting Up This Site

What Technology to Use I considered setting up the site using .NET core since I do most of my hobbyist programming in C#. But it really isn’t the right tool for the job when it comes to personal blog site so I settled back on WordPress. I guess if I ever end up customizing it … Read more