Project Tracking with Revision Control

The Plan: I wanted an easy way of keeping track of all project changes and meeting notes. I use orgmode files in Emacs to keep track of personal and professional projects. Each project has its own org file. I modify these files as new information is added over time and… Read more

Finding the Best Method for Taking Notes

From time to time I find myself looking up or trying to figure out technical stuff that I’ve already done in the past. Sometimes it’s on some personal project and sometimes something work related. I always end up wishing that I had made notes the last time around. I’ve attempted… Read more

GoodReads Decimal Ratings in Calibre

I use Calibre for managing my ebooks that I’ve accumulated over time. I thought it would be great to have ratings from directly visible in Calibre. It would help me decide what to read next. I specifically wanted ratings from GoodReads as I trust them more than the ratings… Read more

Setting Up This Site

What Technology to Use I considered setting up the site using .NET core since I do most of my hobbyist programming in C#. But it really isn’t the right tool for the job when it comes to personal blog site so I settled back on WordPress. I guess if I… Read more